Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sidewind Stick It ** Artists: CEO CJ Miller & 401K

Ball N Chain Entertainment, a recording and production group founded by student CEO CJ Miller of Prairie View A&M University has just recently launched its first annual Stop the Violence, Anti-Bullying campaign and is reaching out to millions around the world to spread the positive message. You hear about what is happening in the schools and it’s sad. I’m doing what I can as an entertainer because I realize how much of an impact musicians really have on kids. They watch and mimic everything we do. So why not put something positive out there, let them imitate that? I feel like it’s my responsibility to produce good music with a good message,” says Miller. Composed of college and high school students, the
Ball N Chain team is looking to connect and join with others that support the same causes and are working to bring peace and assistance to disadvantaged and troubled youth as well as children with a vast variety of illnesses. With goals to bring awareness to issues that our youth are facing, from violence, bullying, and abuse to poverty and all health related issues including Leukemia, AIDS, and Cancer, the musicians, DJ’s, and executive members of Ball N Chain have decided to come together and unite to use their talents to make a difference. To get the ball rolling,
Time for a Change, the groups most recently recorded single, has just been released and Ball N Chain has decided to give away free downloads and QR Codes for the song. People need to hear this and we'll do whatever we have to do to make sure that it happens. We're going to the schools, we’re going to the hospitals, we’re going to the streets—we’re going where ever the people are,” says Miller. We can't keep waiting, the time is now!”

The Ball N Chain Entertainment family is composed of both college and high school students and graduates that have all chosen to come together to make a difference through the use of music, dance, and visual media. These students, prioritizing and promoting for academic excellence first, are on a mission to spread a positive message about stopping the violence, bullying, and abuse. By reaching out to schools and youth organizations,the Ball N Chain Team hopes that their efforts will make a positive impact.

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